Surround Yourself With Those On The Same Mission

There’s something about this pic & this line that gets me so psyched up. It was sent to me by Jim Dowd from the New Jersey Devils.
Jimmy, one of the best players ever to go to the NHL from Jersey, worked a number of community events on behalf of the team, when I was there from 2011- ‘14.  He became a friend; one I kept in touch with.
Now he’s part of the #SameHere alliance, his wife Lisa is awesome, & they’re the type of ppl you want to “be on a mission with.” They’re people you’d get into a fox hole with.
Jimmy called me this week, bc after sharing some of the Providence College event he came to on his social media, he had folks from school districts throughout Jersey reaching out to him, to bring the program to their schools. I heard the excitement in Jimmy’s voice. That’s what it’s like being on the same mission with someone!
Tracy Murray shot me an article of someone with a big platform the other day, who’s going through their own MH challenges. He just texted me & said – “we need to them on our squad.” Tracy is on this shared mission.
Theo Fleury met at our one year anniversary event with some great folks we’ve been collaborating with – the peer-to-peer support tech company, iRel8.  Theo said to me: “these guys get it, we gotta get them more involved.” As you’ve seen from many posts, Theo is on this mission big time.
After Providence, Bluffton, & Freeport Schools, Eric Kelly has been hitting me up asking: “when’s the next one EK?”
Can’t tell you how rewarding it is to be on a team of folks who all have the same mission – helping others & changing & saving lives. Those are just four examples, but they’re strong examples of the types of people all working together. Many more of course I could mention – including so many of you on the hero & advocate alliances, & just the overall community we have here. It feels once again like we are on a team, all with the same goal, all working together, & it’s awesome. Let’s keep it going & growing!

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