Supporting Even Our Competitors In Times Of Need

Sort of ironic stumbling across this story as I was scrolling last night. Ironic bc it was a unification message from competitors, that came a day before one of the most (unfortunately) divisive days our country will ever see.

@darrenrovell who loves these types of “different” biz stories, reacted with – “that can’t be real,” when I sent it to him.  Oh, it IS real.

Burger King in the UK, put up an ad encouraging patrons, during their upcoming lock down, to go to McDonald’s. To go to other quick serve restaurants. They even said – this isn’t something we ever thought we’d do, but ALL of our companies & employees need it…need the support, morally & financially.

Maybe it was a PR/marketing move…but does that matter? The end result is a message of caring for others, the big picture, & making sure EVERYONE is ok.

I’m not publicly political at all. Don’t take sides. Stay in my lane of MH bc it’s my passion.  With respect to that passion, it’s killed me to see what has happened & what will be on full display today, tonight, & beyond.  Politics isn’t the same as fast food dining & I get that. Decisions in politics – who our leaders are & what they do/don’t do, have MAJOR impacts on lives.

Therefore, I get the passion, & even get the ferocity sometimes. But BOTH “sides” – the candidates, their campaigners arnd the country, even many hundreds of millions of supporters, have engaged in behaviors that are more divisive than they are unifying. And I’m not comparing “levels” of divisiveness…just saying that there’s plenty of it that’s been going around.

The results are gonna come in. Many ppl will be happy…many won’t. I just hope we can look at the bigger pic once someone is elected & say – how do we reach out to our “competitor,” invite them in, & acknowledge we all do better when we’re unified.

Utopian? Maybe…but then again, never thought I’d see this ad from BK about their “arch” rivals, McDonald’s.

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