Making #SameHere Schools & “STARR Rooms” A Reality

Few things compare to watching ideas come to life. The path of the last 2yrs has felt serendipitous in many ways.


Just some of the highlights have included: 1) sharing a story of dark struggle leading to a path of health on LinkedIn, & having Darren Rovell reach out personally to ask abt getting involved, 2) having Theo Fleury take a cold call & deciding to partner to build & grow a global alliance, 3) gaining the trust of some of the largest universities in the country, to run programs for their students…


4) having pro sports teams/leagues reach out to partner on events for their employees & fans, 5) mtg & getting to know some of the most genuine celebs, practitioners & advocates a person could ask for, & 6) having one of the world’s greatest advocates, Robin Lehner decide he wanted to wear the organization’s campaign on his helmet for a whole season. Any of the above would be enough to make one pinch themselves.


While this is all awesome, by far, the most rewarding, has been watching students & educators take concepts you/your teammates have dreamed up, & actually begin to put them into action.


Just under 2yrs ago I remember asking on this page, if you could ever see the concept of #SameHere🤙 Schools, work: where everyone from parents to administrators to teachers to students were on the same page w language, process & culture as it pertains to MH, so that everyone would feel “in it” together.


Well thank you to Mr. Chad Murren & other schools & teachers around the country who’ve taken/are taking the ball & running w it. Just some of the activation is seen on this slide…& many programs are not seen here: curriculum, apps, assemblies, student-led MH clubs, STARR Rooms, etc.


To watch ideas come to life…arnd the country/world, & to know it can change/save lives, is more than we could ask for. But, it’s only the beginning.

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