Spreading #SameHere's Message Globally

Traveling Europe a bit this wk, this picture gives me so much encouragement to keep on pushing, continuing to spread our important Global Message.
As I’m one person taking #SameHere pics in front of places like the Berlin Wall, here I see Practitioner Alliance member, Kim Barthel, with her amazing husband, Bob Spensley, taking pictures in Singapore with members of the AWWA – Asian Women’s Welfare Association.
It’s become so common now for various members of The Alliance to drop #SameHere love across the world when we make visits, that we often don’t even mention it to one another and just pick up the photos in each other’s social feeds.
It’s such a beautiful thing to see: it could be Kim, a Practitioner Alliance member working in Singapore at the moment, Brad, @beyondthebigredtruck an Advocate Alliance member with first responders in Canada, Theo Fleury from the Celeb Alliance taking part in his Victory Walk for those overcoming trauma, or Darren Rovell from the Influencer Alliance sharing a recent post about Depression from a pro basketball player in the US.
#SameHere is a message that strings us together across ALL challenges and across ALL borders. There is individuality in everyone’s focus, expertise, message, and life experiences, but there is a common theme – no matter where we are and no matter what we do, we all face challenges, and those challenges affect our Mental Health.

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