Visiting South Carolina With The Hilinksi’s And The Hurst’s

Very excited for what’s to come tomorrow. Props to Cathy Hurst and Kym Hilinski for working to get this event on the SC Gamecocks campus w the Administration.  Ryan Hilinski plays QB here & the Baltimore Ravens Hayden Hurst just finished playing TE here before being drafted in the first round into the NFL


Tomorrow we’ll meet w the all of the coaches first, then the student athletes, all at once.  The coming together of #hilinskishope #haydenhurstfamilyfoundation & the #SameHere Movement has been awesome. There is nothing better than being part of a team working towards the same goals.


This is going to be hard work…but it’s important work.  Pics coming tomorrow from the campus, the athletic facilities, the counseling facilities, & the events!

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