Why We Can’t Just Sleep Off Mental Health Symptoms

My friend reached out abt their spouse earlier today. Unfortunately they’ve been out of work, in bed, even crying for the last 2 wks.  Bc it’s been 2 wks, they forced themselves up today, off of the slight amount of energy they’d conserved in bed, & got back into work.


(To be fair, I’m being vague to protect anonymity, but I always find it helpful when the stories shared are real life ones that many can relate to).


My friend asked me what to do next. I answered by saying – “Unfortunately you’re not going to like this, but this is going to be a cycle that just leads down a rabbit hole. You can’t empty your well that much…Rest for 2 wks….Feel the slightest bit better, & so that your career isn’t jeopardized, go back in…& then assume that just getting back to work w small energy reserves built up will be enough momentum to propel them to health.”


I wish this weren’t the case.  I wish it was something you could just rest & sleep off, & that you’d get “better.” But arteries don’t get better just bc you stop eating salami & cheese for lunch every day.  You have to change your diet, eat better, exercise, etc.


We call the practices we recommend “STARR” – Stress & Trauma, ACTIVE  Release & Rewiring.  Why active? Bc unfortunately you can’t rinse, wash & repeat, just trying to sleep more, & start to get better when your MH is suffering.  Healing takes Active work – mediation, yoga, breathing practices, tapping, nutrition changes, etc.


It’s unfair that most/all companies still aren’t accepting of MH declines. I know it sucks – especially in the face of mortgages, kids & other expenses, to have to actually take off from work (if that’s what’s necessitated), to heal – even go to a retreat.


Maybe you don’t have to take off & you can build a routine – during lunch, & when you get home, where you can do STARR types of practices & “fill your tank” & still manage it all while treading water a bit at work.


However, please, in the face of so many losses we’re seeing, I’m asking you or a loved one to consider – though it may cause a financial strain, though it may halt your career for some time…isn’t your life worth it?






















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