Even Our Strongest Leaders Need To Share Their Vulnerabilities

I’ve shared w you all that these posts typically come from current events/experiences, that open my mind up to real-life examples that I feel need to be shared. They’re msgs that seem to come serendipitously to me, & I don’t ask questions, I just run w them. This post came abt the same way.


In the past 2 wks (the most recent being today), I had 2 religious leaders reach out, to ask my advice on speeches they’d be giving. One was a priest asking abt a homily they’re planning to deliver to their church community…the other was a rabbi asking abt a Rosh Hashanah sermon they’re working on.


I guess I take for granted working in this space every day, that the questions they both had were commonplace, but for them – folks who talk abt zillions of other pressing world issues, wkly, not so much.


Both were asking abt how they were going to focus on the MH epidemic they’re witnessing (& seeing play out w their own eyes, w congregants who come to them individually, looking for guidance).


They both had a similar question: Eric – I’ve gone thru my battles. I’d like to share this in my speech, but 1) I’m afraid of scaring ppl that I deal w things too, 2) we never talk abt our own vulnerabilities – how’ll this be perceived?


I answered them the same way I answer CEOs, Superintendents, Teachers, Captains, Coaches we do breakout sessions w at our #SameHere events – the greatest gift you can give to your ppl is your own willingness to be vulnerable/show your human side. You’ll change & even save lives w your vulnerability & this will NOT take away from your position as a leader. It’ll only enhance the loyalty your followers feel for you.


I’ve seen it at all these events where these celebs, create safe spaces for those they present to. Our vulnerability is the greatest gift we can give others…& judging by these 2 convos, many leaders in our society are just beginning to dip their toe in the water.

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