6/24/18 #SameHere Hero: Tofe Evans

Today’s #SameHere🤙Hero is the newest member of the Global Mental Health Alliance’s Influencer Group, headed up by Darren Rovell: Tofe Evans


Tofe & I were introduced by mutual friends & off the bat, we felt a strong connection. In the true sense of a Global Alliance, Tofe is lives in Australia, went through some major Mental Health battles of his own, faced intense suicidal ideations while on a trip in Toronto, & is now helping the world in many ways, based on what he’s learned through his own adversity. His perspective is phenomenal.


Admittedly not the best athlete growing up (something he shares w Darren if you’ve seen any of his recent videos w Vince Carter 🤣), Tofe realized he could still use Sport to change the world. He discovered that we ALL face challenges, adversity, stresses, & traumas (sound familiar?)…& that he could flip the script on the topic. Instead of getting down about what we face, we can use it to lift ourselves up.


Tofe has pushed the limits of what a human is capable of, to show that – if others with great adversities can rise above & accomplish things, so can he, & so can we ALL- regardless of the obstacles. To help raise $ for charities he’s:


Run 40 endurance events in 1 yr for cancer research


Done a 60km Ultramarathon on Mt Everest for Cystic Fibrosis


Completed a 24hr Run, 162km – In memory of ultra endurance athlete, Craig Percival


Finished 12hr & 24hr Treadmill Challenges


Participated in a 24hr Training session in high altitude chamber – for Youth Mental Health


Run a 100km run for the Blind & Amputees


Walked 100km carrying 25L of water on his shoulders from Geelong to Collingwood


Swam for 12hrs dedicated to SLSC Nippers


Got in the water for a 80km Stand Up Paddleboard for Youth Adversity


Navigated a 100km War Trail for Youth Military – for those w PTSD.


And this is just some of it!!! He’s a young guy w so much ahead of him. He’s got a book, he goes on tours to talk, & now he’s the newest member of the #SameHere🤙Movement. Check out his profile on the Influencer Alliance page.



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