#SameHere Show Episode With Theo Fleury

Raped over 150 times by his youth coach, he buried his pain in drugs, alcohol, gambling & any vice he could find. Nonetheless, he went on to have a stellar NHL career, winning a Stanley Cup & Olympic Gold Medal.


When hockey was over, he didn’t know how to live life on life’s terms, & he was forced to face his past. But this podcast episode we taped of the @samehereshow with Theo Fleury isn’t about his incredibly brave story, alone. It’s about the work he’s done since he’s shared his story & become one of the world’s leading Mental Health activists.


It’s edgy, fun, controversial, & packed with key learnings from a guy who’s been on the road helping others for 10+ years now.


Together we explore why certain campaigns in this space aren’t working, & what we need to be focusing on instead if we’re truly going to curb an epidemic, the likes of which we have never seen before.


Theo was the first person with a platform to join in on the concept of an alignment of celebs to talk about mental health in a consistent way – #SameHere🤙, #5in5 of us have our mental health affected at least at some point in our lives.


Thank you Theo for being a teammate & most importantly for the true friend you’ve become.


Theo joined @imkyleandrew & I on the @samehereshow. Click on the @samehereshow link on the homepage scroll. It’s one of the most entertaining hours I’ve spent in a while.

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