First Stop On The 2019-20 #SameHere Sit Down Tour

Awesome time at Indiana State University these past 24 hours. A school that knows how to do it right, & take full advantages of the program options.


Last night, (top right) – every member of a sports team on campus came to our culture changing launch event. I was happy to bring a long-time colleague w me, Kathy Jordan, who spent 25 yrs as the VP of Team/Player Development w the Pacers. You can see Kathy in the middle left pic as she sat in on the panel portion of the event.


The school’s AD warned me: “2 hours? It’s hard to get these students to sit still for 2 minutes.” But it was incredibly rewarding to see how engaged they all were throughout, the questions they asked (we needed to even cut the Q&A short bc they kept coming), & the fact that their AD stayed throughout.


Today, we then met w a number of groups, individually: 1) the head coaches to talk abt the power of vulnerability, 2) the Student Athlete Advisory Committee to discuss setting up a MH club & keeping the convo going yr-rnd, & 3) Men’s basketball to address the power of opening up to teammates & actual tactics to get the talks started (gonna post the pic of me w the b-ball team to stories, where I look TINY. Overall incredible set of days & now on to Indiana University w Derek Anderson!

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