3/4/18 #SameHere🤙Share: Imani McGee-Stafford

Hey all, we’re gonna intro a new feature called: #SameHere🤙Shares, tonight’s being the first. The concept is simple – many members of our celebrity & influencer Alliances are gifted beyond the skills you most know them for. Some are artists, poets, musicians, gifted writers, etc. Because they are so engaged & wanting to contribute actively towards breaking down these stigmas once & for all, they will be providing us w their works “#SameHere🤙Shares” we can use in social & on our website (in the #SameHere🤙Hero section for now), to show our growing “Crazy” community how much they relate to, & understand, the world of mental health.


For our first Share, welcome again, @imanitrishawn who plays center for the Atlanta Dream of the WNBA, was an All-Rookie Team selection, & is a star player overseas in China. You may have remembered her towering over me in a previous pic we posted 😆 at a mtg in NYC! Not only is Imani a gifted basketball player, but she’s a tremendous poet as well. She uses her poetry to connect w others, & as a therapy for herself.

Two of her works are shared below. The first piece, as she describes, is more “gritty & to the point” & the other more “poetic.” She’s versatile like that!  We look forward to sharing more of the contributions of our gifted Alliance members as this feature grows!


First Poem: “The Artsy One”

You won’t realize how far you’ve come

Until one day

The pain won’t be there anymore

It will be foreign

No longer comforting

It will be replaced with a smile

Or something more genuine

You won’t know whether to label this feeling happiness

Because that is something that has always been fleeting for you

And you won’t want to let this feeling go so easily

You will learn to be okay with being more firework than atom bomb

More bark than bite

This softness suits you

The weight of that armor was never yours to carry

You should have never had to protect yourself that way

Learning what love truly feels like will be a difficult process

It will mean unlearning the abuse that has tricked you for years

Un-burying your heart

And trusting

This has never come easy for you

But I promise you are up for the challenge


Second Poem: “The Gritty One”


I have an uncanny ability of standing

Even when life is trying its damnedest to knock me down

Of smiling

When all I truly want to do is break


From everything

But the thing about life is it keeps going

Even on days you wish it wouldn’t

On days when the clouds feel so low you’re sure the darkness will swallow you whole

But the sun will rise

Another day will come

And you will be there.


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