#SameHere Schools Brought To Life

Can’t begin to describe how proud I am of this young hero, Madison, from Eastern York Middle School.


As part of a school project w Madison’s health teacher – Mr. Chad Murren, she was encouraged her to use the platform, Belouga.org to write & share via video, her own #SameHere🤙 Story.


With unforunately we can’t post video on these blog pages, but in her video, Madison talks about the loss of her grandmother, who she was so close w, & how it affected her. Then, she was able to upload her video for thousands of other students around the world, & see entries from other students on Beloiga from all over the world, & how they share their own stories w one another.


THIS is the type of stuff that changes the conversation. Yes we do this on social media here on the website & elsewhere. But, for kids to have the opportunity to “talk” to one another about their common challenges, & share their feelings, in school, is amazing & just the tip of the iceberg.


Madison’s “talk” is way different than actions that come from the #talk campaigns out there, which make it about sharing our battles w disorder, specifically.


To normalize the convo, talk has to be about occurrences that are part of our everyday lives that we ALL deal w, that affect us.


Please help root on Madison & her teacher, Mr. Murren, for leading the way towards global change.

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