12/31/17 Hero: Past Heroes

As 2017 comes to a close, so too does our first full month of operation as a Movement as well as our daily #SameHere Hero features. It begs the question: is it true – do life’s inevitable challenges make it so that at a minimum: #weareallalittlecrazy?


When we formed this Movement, the thought was, life affects everyone (surely on different levels), but no one is immune: life cycle events, job losses, breakups, fights, all find a way into all of our lives.


However, what the daily #samehere Hero features have been showing us, is that trauma can find us in so many complex but common ways beyond the “general” stuff, all affecting our mental health. Consider that in just a month, stories (purposely selected from submissions, for their variety) have focused on such topics as living through: natural disasters, water/food shortages, sexual abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse, genetic predispositions, sudden losses of parents and spouses, bullying, accidents that cause physical deformities and name calling, traumatic brain injuries from military service, absentee parents, moving to a new city, immigration of an entire family to a new culture and way of life, abusive relationships, watching our children suffer, witnessing our siblings deal with pain, loss of purpose after we stop doing something we love, body image issues (and that’s not even the entire month’s list). These stories have come from all over the world: US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Amsterdam, Slovakia, even Thailand.


Some key takeaways as we head into 2018:


1) With the stories submitted and those now ready to be posted, the topics above only scratch the surface of what we deal with as a society. If there are topics you would like covered or stories you yourself would like to share outside of the above, please contact us via DM or our #SameHere Hero form: http://weareallalittlecrazy.org/herosubmissionform


2) With all we’ve pointed out and realized ourselves, no one should feel alone. There are likely sooo many out there dealing with some version of the obstacles you may be facing. Find comfort in knowing you have a community that “gets it” and wants to help. Hopefully, as this Movement continues to grow, discussing our emotions will be commonplace and even more comforting.


3) Despite all of these obstacles pointed out, life is beautiful. We go through these challenges so that we can appreciate even the smallest “normal” daily activities as the miracles they are. Those of us who go through mental health challenges (ie, all of us), at varying levels, can heal and as a result go through a change of perspective that is truly transformative. Appreciate that perspective tonight when the ball drops. Despite what you may be facing, you do, or will have a lot to be thankful for!


Happy New Year from the Team of celebrities, expert practitioners and volunteers, that’s proud to call ourselves “Crazy!”

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