1/15/18 Hero: MLK Jr.

It only seems appropriate that Today’s #SameHereHero would be: MLK Jr.


All of the Hero stories we have highlighted thus far have been submitted by those who have been fighting, and/or have ultimately overcome some of life’s challenges; ones that led to mental health challenges. When you think of MLK Jr., mental health advocate isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But consider what he overcame…what he was all about…and how he inspired others – he was very much an advocate for the mental health of so many, as well.


Maybe ppl thought he was “Crazy” too…after all, he had a dream meant to overcome one of the largest social issues our world has ever seen – one that was centered around major stigma and prejudice…one that sought acceptance of everyone regardless of their background.


If you’re a fan of inspirational and aspirational quotes, this man was a machine – it was actually hard to narrow down which to feature in this picture. But, as it pertains to our Crazy Movement, and specifically sharing #SameHere stories, there is so much to glean from his incredibly profound words that are applicable to so many topics affecting mental health. When sharing our stories, what are we doing for society and how does it fit with his ideals and vision? Per his quotes we selected:


– Are we doing something to better the lives of others by telling our stories?


– Are we not allowing the stigma and ultimately the unnecessary suffering to continue, if we open up about our stories, instead of staying silent?


– Are we infusing this topic and those who need it, with love, when we share and encourage each other with our comments?


– Are we starting as a small but courageous minority, open to sharing, open to admitting – “same here, life affects me as well” but knowing we can change the world for the better, as this concept grows?


So much to still learn from MLK’s story, his actions, and his words…and such a visionary, still. We have a dream too: that our mental health can be discussed as openly as our physical health, that our emotional scars are looked as as impressively as our physical ones, and that as a global community, we can bond as one tribe that acknowledges – We’re All A Little “Crazy.”

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