4/14/18 #SameHere Hero: Maddie G.

It’s been rare that I’ve been able to get this emotional since my PTSD battle. I’m working on getting those feelings back.


That said, I came across the post of this incredible young woman @madgrigglez who unbeknownst to me, had found the “Crazy” #SameHere Movement, and shared it with her friends and followers, after she suffered the passing of her own family member via suicide. It’s the closest I’ve come to tears in a long while.


First what a selfless act on her part, as she herself is going through pain, to pass on this message, on her own volition to show others she too is there for them. Second, what a realization of what this message can do, if the torch is carried by special individuals like her, who then bind us all together in community through our common battles. Please see her post below. If you check our that post on our fbook page, it’s beautiful to see that so many there have come forward in the comments section and said, #SameHere🤙 through pictures or words!

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My last post about mental health was scary to put out there, but the responses I got from people who needed help were astounding. We’re All A Little “Crazy” is global health movement spreading the message that EVERYONE in the world is affected by life’s trauma and losses. Mental health is a spectrum, some experiencing more severe declines than others, over varying periods of time in their lives.  We are all one community in this “crazy” world. The sign I’m holding up means “same here” in sign language, and flashing it shows your community that you face some of life’s challenges as well.  I think that this movement is amazing, and if you feel so impelled, consider flashing #SameHere to encourage others ❤

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