10/05/19 #SameHere Hero: The Quiet Comedian

Today’s #SameHere Hero: goes by his stage name – The Quiet Comedian!


What I find so compelling about this story is the simplicity – social anxiety as a kid, which led to bullying, which led to major depression. A call for help only bc he hit rock bottom – & then a rise which has gotten him back engaged in life & now helping others through his music.


Social anxiety (something we do not choose as a child, & the way folks reacted contributed in a big way to his personal hell. Sadly, this happens way too often. It’s also interesting, to hear his symptoms – a lot of what I experienced w PTSD. I think so often these disorder symptoms bleed together, & once again the diagnosis is less important than getting to & working on the source. Please welcome the Quiet Comedian!


“As a kid I had severe social anxiety. This resulted in bullying which led major depression – a depression that never faded, & headaches that never subsided. I’ve been through a physical & mental ringer for 15 straight years.


When it was at its worst, I experienced complete brain fog, shakiness, loss of creativity that I relied on, fatigue (SEVERE), & headaches that caused constant tingling, numbness & ringing in my ears.


I finally decided to seek help bc I couldn’t take the pain anymore. I broke down.


What’s gotten me on the right path has been pushing myself in every aspect of life. New friends, new hobbies, new jobs, even therapy. Whatever engaged me more in the world around me, bettered me. When I found music, I felt more free, & free to spread all the hurt that was bottled up inside me through lyrics – so that others could relate & know they’re not alone. I wasn’t even a musician before.


I now make music about my traumas, to help people around the world – to give them something to relate to. Making music gives me purpose & is a form of therapy that helps me as well.


My friends & family knew my #SameHere story without me having to say anything. They saw my face through those hellish years. They already knew. But I’m so happy now that I get to turn it all around and use it as a positive.”

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