#SameHere in Hong Kong & Globally

Wow, #SameHere🤙 from Hong Kong.


We are so fortunate to have an expert practitioner in our STARR (Stress & Trauma, Active Release & Rewiring) Alliance, Kim Barthel.


She focuses on occupational therapy & neurobiology – & w respect to our Global Mental Health Movement, how both can positively impact our MH. I truly believe she is the best in the world at what she does.


Kim & her husband, Bob Spensley, literally travel the GLOBE to teach others various practices (it’s both hilarious & amazing to see Kim sprawled out on an exercise ball, like in the middle pic). I met them through Theo Fleury & we’ve all become fast friends since.


What I love about Kim & Bob is how they collaborate. They understand the concept OF a global alliance.  Kim has her followers. She has her brand. She’s booked solid for literally a year to come for her workshops. But, that doesn’t stop her & Bob from sharing a #SameHere🤙 message in each market they visit – like here in Hong Kong.


They understand we are stronger together, & to heal as a society, we must all be talking the same language: that we ALL face challenges, so we ALL have a story, & the more we open up & share, the more we break down these walls, give permission through safe spaces, & the more healing takes place.


I’ve seen this same type of impact w individual advocates we have worked w in other countries arnd the world…I’ve seen it w other nonprofits & even govt organizations in other countries. The wheels are already in motion for #SameHere partnerships in Canada w groups like The First Responders in Canada & WorkSafe BC, the Breaking Free Foundation, & Zach Makes Tracks.


We have relationship building in the Middle East, India, the UK, Australia. It’s amazing to think about how we can all hold hands & elevate a message, together.
























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