9/7/18 #SameHere Hero: Elexus Hunter

Today’s #SameHere🤙Hero: Elexus Hunter. A pretty awesome story here, Elexus was my Uber driver back in February when I was in LA for NBA All-Star.
We got to talking & I was so impressed by her personal story – wrought w abuse & personal struggle growing up, she turned that tragedy into what she calls “Magic” @tragicismagjc Anyone who turns their life around like that, to the point where they start their own foundation, & donate scholarship money to kids every yet is a Hero to me, & we welcome her to the Hero Alliance!
“A proud native from San Francisco, CA, I transformed my life from surviving abusive relationships of all kinds up until my 18th birthday. At the age of six, I was sexually abused by my babysitters for almost two years. I didn’t really know what to do. I was too scared to tell my mom or anyone because I feared they wouldn’t believe me. Plus, the sitters threatened me if I did say anything. My experiences resulted in me acting out as kid sexually & using very profound (vulgar) language at school & around friends & family. At the age of 16, I was taken into Child Protective Services (Foster Care). My mother suffers from severe bipolar disorder & because of her past she has the tendency to take her emotions out on her kids, family, & friends. Growing up, I watched much of my mother’s spirit fade away. Men in her life would abuse her & take her for granted. Not having anyone to vent to over the yrs, my past experiences led to self destruction.
I found myself out in the world like an outcast, absent just roaming the soils of mother nature. Over the yrs, I’ve battled w PTSD, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, trichotillomania, depression, & anger issues. I pretty much did what any outcast would, I started drinking – I was a low key functioning alcoholic. I felt entitled & needed to feel this void of feeling alone & weak. I used sex to add fuel to the fire. I was angry all the freaking time. I hated everyone outside my bubble. I didn’t trust anyone, not a soul. I had a hard time letting people in. Why not? If family messed me over, what is there to say a stranger wouldn’t. Even though I left my trauma at 18, that wasn’t the end. From ages 18 -22, I was fully in self destruct mode. Pretty much, I wore the victim hat. I pointed the finger at everyone because of my past inflicted wounds. Therapy was a tease, simply because it was a temporary relief & then back to the drawing board l’d go. Yet again, I couldn’t vent like I wanted to. I was literally crying out for help.
Over the yrs, I was blessed to attract people in my life who looked past my darkness & would grab hold to the light within me. It was said to me by my mentor, that my past doesn’t define me it -makes me stronger. With all the accomplishments, awards & recognitions it still didn’t resolve anything. I knew I couldn’t hide my pain too much longer. At 22 I experienced what being ‘alone’ was really about. I started to listen to myself a lot more. Paying attention to my behavior, triggers, anger, fear, & pain. My spirituality unfolded. I started to build a relationship with God. Talking to him every day outloud. I wanted God to know how I felt. I wanted to change bc I felt the darkness at full capacity & I knew I either was going to end up in a straight jacket, killed or just a angry black woman who couldn’t seem to break this family cycle. In other words, not growing, just passing through life with no purpose. Truth is, I have a purpose & when I discovered what it was, I took flight. I wanted to change not just for myself but for the ppl who look up to me. I had too many ppl depending on me. I couldn’t let them down. I would be selfish to say forget it. As you all know, hurt people – hurt people. People who operate on love & not hate, create peace. I WANT PEACE!
I recently switched careers & left my corporate job to focus in on my entrepreneurial goals & aspirations. I’ve always had this urge to help ppl & make this world a better place. I can’t do that being confined in a cubicle. But first, I had to get myself together. I started exercising 5 days a wk. I changed my diet. I am a full-time vegan. Yippee! This was the best decision of my life. I lost a lot of weight. My energy is at 100 percent. I only attract people who uplift me & make me better. I literally take one day at a time. I cope w my past through mediation, reading a book once a month attending seminars & motivating others. The best one of all…is forgiveness. Forgiving those in my past, so I can be FREE. Please understand that I’m not perfect & there are still some unresolved emotions that I’m tackling now. I can’t stop until I’ve reached my full potential. Whatever that is…only God knows.
I’ve been public with my #SameHere story over the years & some people feel sorry for me or can’t seem to relate. I don’t expect everyone to understand, it’s okay. On a greater scale, I’ve impacted so many people by telling my story that it inspired me to write a book & start my own nonprofit called @tragicismagic. I’m editing my book now & looking to publish it next yr. I want to inspire like-minded people to reach for the stars & explore new horizons. Hint to my nonprofit. I’ve given out two $1,000 scholarships every year since 2016 to foster youth aging out of the system in California, that want to go to college & follow their dreams. I want to give my followers a sense of hope & uplift them. I want to help them reveal their God-given talents despite their insecurities. I want my followers to see me for me & know that they’re not alone. Everything is going to be alright!”

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