6/27/18 #SameHere Hero: Dr. Jennifer Hartstein

After searching far and wide for the perfect match, we have found an incredible expert in CBT/DBT (cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavioral therapies), to join our #SameHere TSRR Practitioner Alliance: Dr. Jennifer Hartstein @drjenonline


Dr. Hartstein is a frequent contributor whenever TV shows or the media, generally, have questions about MH.


We talked extensively over the past few days about the need to motivate more media partners to focus on solutions and treatments, and not just the tragedies and the disorder names.


She gets “it” and understands that mental wellness is not a one-size fits all approach. So, while she wrote an incredible book, and has her own practice working with therapists on her staff on CBT and DBT treatments, she is a big proponent of the TSRR model to give people many options from which to choose, in order to form a tailored mental wellness routine.


Please help us welcome her, and we will have her and her information all up on the homepage of the website in the coming days!


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