Building #SameHere Teams To Help Many

I played on youth & school sports teams my whole life growing up.  I got to work for & with some amazing teams in the pro sports world as an executive.
Now, getting a chance to form teams is beyond exhilarating – especially when you all have the same opponent: mental health stigma & lack of education.
Individuals & groups tackling this large of an issue need to come together from many functional areas to make a dent.  Tonight was a night were many came together. School: @towsonuniversity Student Leader: @olivia.lubarsky Media: @darrenrovell Celebs/Athletes: @haydenrhurst (and his mom) and @imanitrishawn Musical Performers and Companies @lukejamesshaffer @housestudios and Towson Student Musicians.
Those types of teams tear down walls – especially with a consistent message that – we ALL face challenges #SameHere🤙. Let’s keep building – more of these teammates in each category, along w our practitioners. Together we can make a global impact that will change & save many lives.  Notice Darren on the cell phone in the pic 🤣 always working the phones!

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