Darren Rovell's Support of WAALC and the #SameHere Movement

This might seem like a shrine to Darren Rovell but it’s not…I wouldn’t make his head any bigger !
Instead it’s a shrine to the work he does to get the message out diligently and consistently about mental health, WAALC, and the #SameHere🤙 Movement.
Despite both being in sports for many years and growing up just towns away, Darren and I didn’t know each other. He reached out on his own when he read my MH battle story on LinkedIn last year, and asked how he could get involved in changing the conversation. Since then, boy has he ever – emceeing events, tweeting to his millions of followers, making videos, and now running the Chicago Marathon and dedicating a fundraising campaign to our work w WAALC (see the bottom of the poster in the top right corner).
In an age in which many talk – say they have something – and then we don’t hear from them after their story gets out there until an endorsement deal or speaking engagement is to be had, Darren continues to hammer home the key message points over and over again: MH lives on a continuum where we are ALL affected, it’s 5in5 not 1in5, and we must walk what we talk, #SameHere. He and countless others who are selfless on our team, are going to be the reason this message breaks through the clutter of the white noise in this space that still leaves ppl thinking they are alone, or worse, not part of “that group” where they should ask for help.
You can google Darren Rovell’s  Video from the Chicago Marathon (bottom left corner is a still pic of his grill from it), that he just filmed out in Chicago, upon his announcement he would be running in partnership w Nike. Once again it sends a powerful message as to who we are speaking to. Our team is blessed to have him and many other ppl w platforms like him…and you all reading this are a part of that team as well, so we thank you.

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