Redefining What It Means To Be Masculine

Couldn’t have been more excited yesterday to see this ad by Nike, flipping the “roles” & “expectations” of women in our society on their heads, all by reclaiming what the word “Crazy” means.
While the use of Crazy by a big brand helps us validate the idea that words can be used in different contexts to mean very different things & to rally people in different ways, I was most psyched about how their use of “Crazy” was looked at as a GOOD thing, as women were shown doing things “women haven’t traditionally been able to celebrate in the past.” Dunking a basketball, having kids & then returning to play their sport/profession at a dominant level, the list can go on & on, as it should.
But, it also now begs the question, how can we turn the “roles” & “expectations” of men in our society on their heads as well…& what brands/companies can be a part of making that happen?
For so long being “masculine” meant – being hardned & “tough”…not asking for help…lacking emotion.
But just like this commercial beautifully displays what femininity looks like in 2019, can’t we have a movement/campaign/commercial/brand that steps up & shows what true masculinity looks like today as well?
Imagine images of men (yes even the strongest & most rustic of men): being vulnerable, showing love, hugging their friends & family, being helped, empathizing w the pain of others, even crying!  Can’t a man do all these thing (which are HEALTHY for him and everyone around him), & still very much be masculine? I believe so…& judging by the stories shared on this platform, I know many other men feel the same.
Maybe “redefining” masculinity, to show what healthier/well-rounded men look like won’t sell more athletic shoes, but I can think of about 15 brands/companies whose products would be the perfect fit for such an important message. Anyone got a contact at Hanes 🤔? Glad to see times are a changing. We need more of this!

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