Real Power Comes From Peace

I think most of us enter the world & as we grow, we think: if only I could have (or do) “that” then things will be great.

When we’re younger it starts w things like – being allowed to sleep over a friends for the 1st time…or getting our license & being able to drive. 

Then when we get older, it’s often abt work-related things: if only I rise to that position & am able to oversee that staff & make that amount of $, I’ll be at greater peace.

We believe these things bc our false impression is that once we get this “obstacle” out of the way – the inability to get where we want to on our own, the inability to make a decision for our whole dept, the inability to buy this house we’ve wanted for so long – once we ARE able to do them, our problems all go away.

But we learn almost the opposite happens.  W/ more “power” comes more responsibility. More decisions we have to make. How are we going to pay for gas for our car?  How are we going to manage the diff personalities on our staffs? How are we going to make sure the roof doesn’t cave in or the boiler explodes in our new home?  Power, does not give us peace.

However, peace, very much, can give us power. When you think abt all the things that can take peace away from us: the toxic person in our lives…the decision that’s been hanging over our head for so long…the business deal that just doesn’t seem right but we try to push it over the finish line – these things strip us of our “power.”

We feel run down, bogged down, unable to go w the flow.  But when we cut those things out of our lives, even if we’re scared to do so, that peace we gain, gives us power. 

This is why we can’t be scared to make that decision that seems risky. We concern ourselves w so many “what if” scenarios: what if I cut ties w that toxic person & I never see them again…what if I walk away from this deal & can’t ever find another investor?

We gotta trust that the peace we gain from making these hard decisions gives us the power to do things that were even better than we originally imagined them. Bc the truth is, a peaceful mind can accomplish some pretty incredible things w that power.

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