We Are Products Of The Things That Happen TO Us

Happiness & contentment are things so many of us CHASE bc they don’t just come naturally to us.


What I love about this quote in this pic is, it reveals the underlying truth that any “negative or difficult” feelings we have, aren’t a 100% direct result of things that WE have DONE, to bring those negative feelings ON ourselves.


Instead, a big part of who we are, is a product of the environment in which we grew up. It’s also a part of the generational “stuff” we inherited.


If you wake up feeling: sad, angry, lonely, depressed, anxious, worried, &/or on-edge, there is nothing “wrong” w you. These things come FROM places. They come from experiences. They come from genes inherited.


What is ON us to do? It’s on us to work understand the impacts on us, & to change those things, to get help & get better. Happiness & contentment is a journey. But, it’s a journey we are all on. Are there some who are born blissfully happy & into caring, loving, supportive environments, w very few traumatic events? Yes. Does life however eventually catch up to them, yes too.


#5in5 deal w stressful & traumatic events in life. Some earlier than others. The effects of those events do not mean there is anything wrong w YOU. All it means is, we have work to do, we can do it, we can hold each other accountable & help each other as we heal on our paths.

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