How Important Is Perspective

How friggin’ great is this? So simple yet so profound. What we each see – our own realities – could be different from what others see, only because of the vantage point from which we see the facts. We haven’t all walked in each other’s shoes, so it stands to reason that two ppl can see things completely differently and still BOTH be right.


One of the hidden blessings of a difficult mental health period is – it often robs us of our strongly held beliefs, bc our access to foundational memories and emotional strongholds become compromised. While it’s scary to not feel like “you” for a period of time, it opens your eyes to how others may see the world differently bc what they experienced throughout life may be different to what you did. Turn a negative into a positive! Learn from those experiences.


Disagreements aren’t always about someone trying to be difficult. It’s often about differences in what we’ve been exposed to throughout our lives. Take the time to understand why others see things differently instead of assuming!



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