Our Own Unique Twist And Turns In Life

Before my own crash, I did what many in life do, I focused on my own path. Part of that is freeing. Part of it is lonely.
When you focus on your own path, you don’t concern yourself w where others are “at”…you don’t compare…you don’t long for what others have. Those are all positives. Here’s the but: While it’s healthy to focus on your own path, it can make you feel lonely & “the only one” going thru challenges, when they happen. And as most of us have learned in life, those challenges WILL happen.
So for me, from as early as I can remember, w my brother being sick, & going to hospitals almost daily, for various treatments, I didn’t know any better. That just WAS life for me.
But at that young age, especially as someone who didn’t look arnd or compare to the other kids, it also felt like I was/we were alone going thru those hurdles.  It did feel like my fam was the only one to be going thru this bc I WASN’T sharing w or talking to others. Thoughts & “what if” questions circled arnd in my head, & I never voiced them, bc it felt like it was my world/my thoughts, & no one else had “them.”
Once I went thru my crash, & started to open up abt my experiences – from childhood, & present things, others started to open up back to me. That’s when I realized we ALL face challenges, all on our own timelines, & how bc we as a society don’t talk, in general, for fear of judgement/not having it all together, we feel alone & on our own, facing our challenges.
Since our twists & turns are unique to us, AT THE TIME they happen, it feels lonely.  But now contrast that w what our society does w social media: comparing the positives. Someone’s skin looks so young & vibrant…their dress looks so nice…they got a beautiful new car, or great tix to a major event. We’re used to comparing the POSITIVES & what we don’t have.
Bc, as a society, we aren’t used to being vulnerable, & twists/turns happen on our own timelines, we think “the bad” happens only to US!  Take it from someone who hears from ppl, daily – we ALL go thru challenges. Maybe those observations are more impt than cars & houses. Let’s open up & share!

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