One Year Anniversary Event

Yesterday was one of the most rewarding days we’ve had w We’re All A Little “Crazy” & The #SameHere🤙 Movement.
In the early afternoon, Felicia Madison brought together a group of comics, & Theo Fleury & I had a chance to talk w the group, intimately, abt Mental Health (a very personal #SameHere🤙 Sit-Down). Two common themes came up: 1) how much comics myopically use their craft as an addictive coping mechanism to not deal w their “stuff” (similar to how any of us dive head first into our work we love & neglect being healthy in other aspects of our lives), & 2) how a comedian’s lifestyle is conducive to a lack of an “ordinary” routine of a 9-5, & how much more diligent they must be to BUILD a routine that’s healthy for them – so their mind doesn’t spin & they don’t stay stagnant or dip.
The bottom line – we were able to go DEEP for 3 hrs – well beyond where we can get w a celeb sharing a diagnosis on twitter or in an article alone. These are the types of real/hard convos we need to have to “get to the source” of what we face.
Then at night, we celebrated our 1 Yr Anniversary. Despite frigid temps, we had a packed house. It was great that this night fell on MLK Jr. Wknd as we were able to weave his message of inclusion into our “Crazy” vision around MH.  This isn’t an “us” vs “them” – the sick vs the healthy, topic.  This is an all of us, #5in5 topic. MLK’s vision wasn’t abt just what one group was doing TO another – it was about a dream of commonalities of a group of ppl- “humans generally” being treated as equals.
This pic you see is of veterans along w civilians, ALL making the #SameHere🤙 sign, together! The msg: THIS is what MH looks like, not segmented groups.
Big thanks to Darren Rovell, Prim Siripipat, Adam Davenport & our amazing comics Craig Gass, Joe Matarese, Mark Normand, Olga Namer, & Jon Laster all for lending their support, & of course to our partner VirtualHealth for their support & presence. So many fam & friends who braved the cold to be a part of us “Crazies”- we thank you so much.
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