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For those who have been following along, I’ll get back to announcing Alliance members this week. What’s slowed me down has been individually responding to the absolutely incredible stories from those who have written in and are attending our event on the Nov. 14th. These are people we have yet to meet, but we are now so excited to do so.


While some of these stories are gut-wrenching, bc they are from ppl looking for answers for family members and friends who are in pain, what’s been INSPIRING, is how they have opened up, shared their trials and tribulations and are excited to band together, finally kick the stigma once and for all, and get the answers they deserve. They understand, we all go through life’s challenges, we are all affected, we are all One Tribe.


Here’s a general sample of some of the notes, call-ins and emails we’ve received from those coming to the event. While I’m fortunate to have a large sports network of friends and colleagues who are interested in meeting the Alliance members, I’d really like this event to be about those who need this message related to mental health…those who believe in this message…those who are inspired by this message and believe it can help them, their family members, and countless others around the world. If you find yourself relating to any of the stories below, or know someone who does, please consider joining us on the 14th or sharing this post with those who can use it. Binding together is what it’s all about:


– Parents who have children who suffer with anxiety or depression who want to hammer home the message to their kids (and are bringing them to do so) that it’s ok to talk about some of your struggles and what bothers you, and to ask for help.

– Family members who have loved ones struggling, who are looking for answers, because their previous treatment regimens have not worked.

– Practitioners who are interested in meeting others in their field and talk about the latest therapies that are working, and to hear from Alliance members directly, what has worked for them.

– Individuals working long hours or in high stress jobs who notice they don’t feel “the best they can” and want to hear from others in the same boat, how their feelings are similar or different, and what practices might be able to help.

– People who have struggled with “something” their whole lives but have been afraid to talk about it and/or ask for help because of fear related to how they’d be perceived.


If you find yourself in any of the categories above, please consider joining us a week and a half from today, as we would love to meet you, help you and have you join our tribe

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