When We NEED Friends

These words came to mind today as I read the email of a great guy I was “friendly with” back over a decade ago and haven’t seen since. He was always gregarious and the life of the party. Always put smiles on the faces of the friends I knew him through. Always was up for fun antics.


Today he shared an email with me that he wrote to that same core group of friends I knew him through.


He was planning a get together with them, and while doing so he opened up and shared with them the pain, distress, and deep depression he has been experiencing since the sudden loss of his father only a few months ago. I couldn’t be prouder of him for opening up so vulnerably to them in that way…and I actually feel honored that he felt close enough to me (and knowing the work I’m doing now), to send me the email and keep me in the loop.


The friends he wrote are the closest friends he’s ever known. Marriages, kids. and busy jobs have kept their crew from getting together often…even speaking often.


But at a time when he was feeling low, needed to lean on that bond and connection that formed so many years ago, he knew who he could turn to. He knew who he could pour his heart out to.


Friendship is very much about sharing the joys in life, for which there are many. But, it’s also very much about being there for each other, when it feels like we’ve hit rock bottom. Those are the friends that hold us up. Those are the friends who will always be there. Those are the friends who are NEEDED and will make sure we get back up.  I’ve needed them. #SameHere.

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