Mother’s Day Message At A Tough Time

Lotta ways you can go on Mom’s Day. Decided to share some public love for the one grandparent my siblings/cousins & I are lucky to still have w us: “Nanna Hannah” (here holding her newest great grandchild, Bailey Rose).

Breaks my heart that this generation – that literally LIVES to be w their kids, grandkids, & great grandkids, can’t do so.

Nanna Hanna has been living w my mom & dad throughout this…but like many/most is afraid to leave the house.  It hasn’t stopped her from being the caring, nurturing, woman she’s always been (I don’t know how a woman is able to consistently worry & check in on her whole family as much as she does – even if it’s from her flip phone that she still doesn’t know how to charge on her own….& only recently changed from a rotary phone in her own apt 😂).

I have a deal w her – she tells me to: hurry up & get married already so she can be here for it. And I tell her – well you’re just gonna have to keep staying healthy & vibrant so I can take my time & not rush it!

Of course happy Mother’s Day to my amazing mom (her daughter) & to my special grandma, Bea 🐝, who is up in heaven. I was lucky to grow up w two grandmas who showered us w unconditional love…& I know that’s how many of you feel about your mom’s/grandma’s out there. So, happy Mom’s Day to all of them as well❤️!

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