Mental Health In The Workplace With Monumental Sports

We talk a lot about MH in society generally, but what about MH in the workplace?


On Monday, 5/1, we’re excited that Ted Leonsis’ teams w Monumental Sports & Entertainment: The Wizards, Capitals, & Mystics, will be hosting us for a #SameHereSafe program about MH in the workplace. This will be an event with their employees ONLY. I applaud Ted & their whole organization for making this a priority for their employees.


Of course we will report back after Monday w pics, but here are some incredible stats about MH in offices in America, specifically, below.


Stress & it’s affect on our MH is this common, yet very few feel “safe” talking about it openly bc of fear of job security/lack of promotions. Shouldn’t be…we clearly ALL deal w this:


– A recent Everest College survey revealed that a whopping 83% of American professionals are stressed out at their jobs.


– Over 1 million employees miss work each day in America because of stress. (Source: same Health Advocate report as below).


– Technology is supposed to make work easier. That doesn’t stop three out of four employees from feeling as though they have it worse off than workers in previous generations, according to Princeton Survey Research Associates.


– A recent study by the American Psychological Association revealed that more than half of workers feel as though their employers aren’t doing a good job of ensuring work-life balance.


– According to an aggregated report by Health Advocate, stress has a profoundly negative impact on worker productivity to the tune of $300 billion each year. .


We need to discuss this WAY more openly.

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