Symbols Of Change Give Hope To Mental Health Unity

Seeing these images together gave me chills. Looking at them, continues to elicit the same emotions.


This year marks the 15th anniversary of the largest Menorah in Europe being lit in front of Brandenburg Gate, in Germany.


What more evidence do we need, that societies can do a complete 180, than these two pics next to each other right here. Divisiveness (to one of, if not THE greatest degrees our world has ever seen) & then Inclusivity. Change can & does happen.


I was fortunate enough to visit Brandenburg Gate on a trip to Germany two summers ago, when my best friend married the love of his life in Amsterdam (she’s a Dutchie ;)).


I took a #SameHere pic in front of that same Brandenburg Gate. My hope then, is what it still is now: that one day, just like these two pictures next to one another on the opening slide, we will see a world where mental health also goes from a topic of Divisiveness to Inclusivity.

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