Mental Health Awareness Campaign Video

Felt bad for those who couldn’t see themselves in Version 1 bc of IG’s block on the video, so here goes w some static images. Tagged you if you’re in this. Enjoy!

Full video for “most” who weren’t blocked there, is one swipe away in “stories.”

This month’s campaign, which will be this year’s campaign, & all of our campaigns moving forward, #SameHere #5in5.

A video with ppl from ALL over the world sharing the challenges we ALL face. A #5in5 real-world continuum on display. It’s awesome to see so many ppl come together in global #SameHere pride (India to Tennessee, North Dakota to Indonesia…Athletes and Celebs to Front Line Workers & Everyday Heroes).

Thanks to all those who have submitted videos already and to those who will submit throughout this month, to show that when it comes to mental health, we truly are one big tribe.

Submit your own videos to be featured in this campaign, from anywhere in the world, by emailing them to: Darren will be sharing one a week on Fridays on his twitter.

As you can see, we are all about sharing the love of what other advocates and organizations do, so please feel free if you want to submit one. There is no competition when it comes to MH. With those w whom we are aligned in messages, we must all hold hands & create a louder voice!

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