What Can Be Learned From Marathon Day?

Thanks to everyone who has been following along so far as our community grows organically. I had the good fortune of rooting on some close friends running in the NYC marathon today. It’s such an inspirational experience to watch many thousands of people line the streets over all the boroughs and cheer on their friends, family and even strangers as they trek through 26.2 miles.


I guess it’s either a blessing or a curse but after some obstacles life has thrown my way, I can’t help but take in the experiences I now have (both the good and the bad), and see analogies in just about all of them.


If you are fortunate to be part of a crowd or even run in a marathon, isn’t that 26.2 mile obstacle course a good analogy for life? There are highs and lows throughout, it’s equal parts difficult and rewarding, you’re charging through with purpose, you’re often doing it to lift up yourself or others who need it. You see the able-bodied, the blind, those with physical injuries, those in wheelchairs. There are those who run by the book and those who wear all kinds of unique outfits to make a statement, and the conditions you can’t control often change throughout.


But one thing is common in the marathon (but different in life) – everyone lining the streets is rooting on those working to make it through the course. Why then don’t we root on EVERYONE who goes through life’s challenges, in a similar way? Why do we treat ppl with challenges – whether they be physical or mental, any differently than we treat those runners trying to make it through and succeed in the end?


If we could create a world where we looked at the people facing ALL of life’s various challenges as warriors who charge through, no matter the odds against them, and hold back judgments and societal stigmas, think about how inspiring every single day we’re alive could be. It could feel like the streets of a marathon every day.


#weareallalittlecrazy because of what life throws at us. Why not bind together and root each other on towards success no matter how different some of our challenges may seem?

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