Making The Most Of The always We Can Celebrate Right Now

Had a bday yesterday & as I shared in stores late last night, I’m not the biggest fan of them- which should explain my radio silence.

That said, hoping this perspective is helpful (bc as it came to me, it gave me clarity): for those of us w bdays in the last month…or coming month(s) who can’t “celebrate” in the way we’re used to…and for those who have had to cancel weddings, Sweet 16s, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, etc., human nature would lead us to this feeling of being some form of upset/or having some level of disappointment.

On the flip side, life has a way of smacking you in the face with lessons.  I have two friends I’ve spoken with in the past two days who are on social media, so I know they’ll see this. They both shared a similar story w me…the loss of a mother (one to Covid one to Cancer), where they had to say goodbye over FaceTime, bc they were not able to get into the hospital due to the situation we are living through. To those friends, to anyone who has gone through anything similar…to those who are losing loved ones and not being able to have proper goodbyes, even proper funerals – my heart goes out to you.

And so, for the rest of us, we have to celebrate bdays like in this pic from yesterday…over zooms and meet ups, etc. Yeah we can’t go out…yeah we have to move dates around. But if you and those closest to you have your health right now – that is the most important thing you CAN celebrate…and to do so it doesn’t take group dinners, presents or anything like that. It just takes appreciation of what’s important. And it will appropriately be in honor of those we have lost – keeping on and being resilient and cherishing what matters. I’m gonna celebrate a bit more for them. Thanks, and health to all.

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