Loving What You Do-Doesn’t Mean You Should Do It Endlessly

Part of sharing my life (much on the road) in these little boxes, is that kind ppl often reach out & ask: “are you taking care of yourself”?..”ppl can’t drink from your well if it’s empty.”


A community member of ours was nice enuf to ask how I was feeling last night…& if I was keeping up w self care. The true answer is – yes, I’ve been doing my breathing practices, getting to the gym, trying out a few other STARR practices, etc. BUT I told her, I still feel a bit run down/exhausted. She made me take a closer look at myself to figure out why & I appreciate that.


This question is what motivated my words on this pic slide. My kryptonite has always been – I only know one speed: go & go hard, till you can’t go any more.


This is such an interesting topic bc we so often talk abt self care, & making time for ourselves, & working on cleansing stuff from the past. However, we don’t talk abt what we THEN do.


If you’re fortunate enough to love your job, or a hobby, here’s a question: do you keep on doing it ALL the time, every day, early morn or late into the night, bc it releases feel good chemicals, & gives you a sense of accomplishment?


Bc even if it does the above, it doesn’t mean we should be doing it ALL of the time. And again, yes I’m one of the biggest perpetrators of this. We finally have many focusing on self care, but it’s only part of the equation. When we recharge, what do we do WITH the charge? If you’re like me, it’s a recipe to work on that presentation longer, write more, help someone facing challenges (the things I love to do). Maybe for you it’s painting till all hrs of the night or another activity you love.


Here’s the thing – we weren’t meant to – just keep going, just bc we’ve built up the energy reserves. Find the time to shut it off & just chill: Netflix, watching a game, reading, calling a friend. Just bc we have the energy to “keep going” doesn’t mean we always should.

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