Robin Lehner’s 2019-20 #SameHere Blackhawks Goalie Mask

There are rare moments you can pause for a second to take a deep breath, as you’re working feverishly to build something, & say – that’s just plain awesome.  Yesterday was one of those days.


Robin Lehner, formerly of the Islanders, & now of the Blackhawks, posted a picture of his helmet for this upcoming NHL season, including the message: #SameHere🤙.


Robin has been perhaps the most outspoken player in the four major sports, who’s still in his prime, related to the normalization of the MH conversation.


You can read in this pic, what he posted about this phrase, one that we believe will bring the world together around the challenges we ALL face, related to MH (no matter where we are on the continuum), & one that we will continue to use in collaboration with other players, personalities, & organizations. This is truly a #5in5 topic.


To have someone like Robin, stand behind this message, & wear it every day in front of millions who will be watching him, is truly a dream come true…one we are confident will help change & save many lives.


Important to note, to show you all what a good guy Robin is, Darren Rovell & I didn’t know him personally. We just felt he was grossly undervalued when it came to contract negotiations (the # of yrs he was being offered – arnd the league) – only bc he spoke up about his MH.


By us sharing those opinions on social media, Robin took note, & reached out to US, & asked how HE could get involved w our Alliance & start to educate, so that collectively we can change the system – not just in sports, but in society. He actually asked if it was OK to put this on his helmet 😂. He is a solid person who we are so excited to have on our team.


Wanted to give a shout out Theo Fleury for being the first celeb to believe in this Alliance concept back in the end of 2017. Truly a great human & trusted friend & mentor.

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