9/21/21: Jonathan Drouin Opens Up About Last Season’s Absence

This. Is. Huge.

Thanks to ESPN hockey reporter, Greg Wyshynski, for sharing this story/update about Jonathan Drouin from the Montreal Canadiens.

This isn’t going to get the same type of exposure & attention as the Simone Biles story did…but it should.

Drouin was playing with the Canadiens in April of last season – his team on its way to the playoffs. He had 23 points in the previous 44 games over the regular season. Over his career, had 232 points in 393 games. Not an afterthought type of player.

And despite his success…despite his team success…he chose – after bouts of insomnia (3 days not sleeping)…to take off from the team on their west coast trip, while in Calgary.

At the time, the team didn’t reveal the specifics. This happens all the time in the NHL…for many injuries – like, “upper body injury” when it’s a concussion.

Drouin would go on to sit out the REST of the playoffs, in which the Canadiens made an improbable Cinderella run to the Stanley Cup Finals. On missing that run, Drouin shared in the article:

“It wasn’t an easy thing to do. But I’m proud of what I’ve done and I’m happy I did it. It’s hard to step away and watch all the guys. But at that time, I made my decision and stuck with it.”

I love hard work. I love teamwork. Having been to a Stanley Cup run with the Devils in 2012, I love going far in an improbable way. But as was the case with Simone during the Olympics, Jonathan’s BRAIN wouldn’t allow him to compete (certainly not at that level).

This too should be applauded as loudly. The decision…and maybe more specifically, the openness. He didn’t need to share. Not only will he be better off now for putting it out there and getting it off his chest – so too will so many who read his story & can relate.

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