International Women's Day

It’s #internationalwomensday2019 and so I decided to reflect back on some of my earliest female influences & the amazing women they were, or have become (I grew up w two brothers and two male cousins, so this was the closest to sisters I ever came).
Hard to do a tribute like this without leaving people out, given only 9 boxes, so I made the cut off – some of the women who have greatly influenced me, just up-to and after college.  I have a lot of amazing women in my life now, the relationships of which I am so appreciative of as well, who I will dedicate a tribute to – next women’s day 😊!
Top left, my first ever elementary school girlfriend, Lauren, who is now married with a few children (don’t make fun of the cowboy vest my mother dressed me in for Kindergarten class photos). Then my grandmothers (one of whom is still with us, Hannah, on the left), and my mom next to them. Some of my best friends from college Jill (who I just saw in SD), Debbie, Iris & below them Erica and Liz (not pictured, “Flo,” Sari, Jenya, Gaby, Jodi, Linda, and Sheree). Two of my best friends from growing up (Brooke my next door neighbor and Jodi my sports buddy). The older of my two nieces, Rebecca, who is no longer a baby like in that pic where we are hugging, and is now a young “woman” as a sophomore in HS. Then one of my best friends from first leaving school, Stephanie.
You all impress me and I feel so grateful to still be in touch and to see many of you at dinners, different gatherings, and other special events. The best part is, for each of you, no matter how much time passes between seeing one another bc life gets complicated and busy, we pick up like we just had spent time together the day before. I cherish those connections.
You’ve all been rockstars either as career women or moms (or both), and it’s great to have one of my nieces on here as I’d love her to grow up a confident woman like you all have. Much love and thanks.  Eric

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