How Your Past Is Effecting Your Present

Yesterday, we had a talk w Sports Biz industry folks on a #SameHere Solutions webinar, & we discussed where our anxiousness, as a society, may be stemming from in the COVID era.

The immediate answer would appear to be the threat of the virus itself – us getting sick, loved ones getting sick, our jobs, the economy, etc.
But, there are two other macro buckets where I think it’s arising from: 1) lack of routine/loss of purpose/identity as the structure of our daily lives have been ripped from us, & 2) things from our past, seeping into our present, bc we no longer have the distraction of things like – sports, bars, restaurants, concerts, shows, to distract us from dealing w that which lies beneath.

Ironically, this podcast was then sent to me by a friend, unrelated to our webinar. @gabormatemd is one of the most brilliant minds in the world when it comes to how our pasts impact us.

If you get a chance, well worth the listen (I’ll share in stories). He talks about how to lean in to our pasts, during this time we have now, & actually work on our stuff, instead of finding other distractions like Netflix, cleaning the house, etc.

One of my favorite parts, when talking about ppl who hoard & then sell toilet paper – for profits, he says there’s two ways you can ask the question:  WHO would do that? (judgmental way)…or simply in a curious way: Who would do that? (to get you the the core of what from the past, that person has experienced, to make them not feel safe, feel the need to not trust in the common goodness of humanity, & to them take advantage). Passing judgment vs. understanding a past. Fascinating stuff.

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