Helping Is Healing

I absoltuely love this “lesson”:

“A wise teacher once brought balloons to school. She asked her pupils to blow them up and each write their name on one.  After the students tossed their balloons in the hall, the teacher moved through the hall mixing them all up.

The students were given five minutes to find the balloon with their own name on it.  Though they searched frantically, no one found their own balloon.

Then the teacher told the students to take the balloon closet to them, and give it to the person whose name was on it.  In less than two minutes, everyone was holding their OWN balloon.

The teacher then said to the students, ‘These balloons are like happiness.  We won’t find it when we’re only searching for our own.  But, if we care about someone else’s happiness…it will ultimately help us find our own.’”

The last 2+ years folks like you have helped me find happiness. Using my own story to help others, has given me joy, fulfillment, & purpose I didn’t know one could find.  I LOVED working in pro sports, but I love this even more.  To get messages from others who have shared their stories – & now feel so great that there are folks who continue to reach out to them for advice & help, is truly special.  Helping is Healing!

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