Happy Father’s Day To All

Happy Dad’s Day to all!


Little bit abt my dad: He listens to show tunes…can barely throw a baseball overhand…saves cards that are sent to him/fam & hangs them up on strings throughout his house…buys the $.39 festive decorations for each holiday & tapes them to the windows. He dances like his hands are on fire.


Despite all the quirky/“crazy” attributes above (which only scratch the surface), my father has always been there for me & my two brothers.


A career English teacher & HS principal, he got his doctorate at a young age & became known as “Dr. K” at a time when it was pretty cool to have that name in NY. His students told me he was like “Mr. Belding” as a principal, everyone’s friend.


He moved us to a house in the burbs & traveled a long distance each day to school to give us a better life.


Can’t tell you how many times he’d stay up till 12am to help me type up school papers on his typewriter (bc I didn’t have a clue how to type & always did things last min), or how many times he decorated the house in streamers for special events.


He found a way to go to every football game for the schools he worked & STILL come to our own sports games on wknds. In “retirement” he teaches college classes, does a daily segment on education at CBS radio, published a novel & is finishing a screenplay.


And perhaps most impressively, & to this day my brothers & I have no idea how he did it financially – he sent 3 of us to his alma mater. Thanks dad for all you’ve done for us, & as a grandpa. The best is yet to come. Missing Poppies Lou & Ben. Thoughts to those missing dads today.

























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