The Growth Of The #SameHere Student Alliance

These students are incredibly creative as well as inspiring leaders.

We are stronger together, as Richmond’s “WebstUR” & Towson’s “Doc” show us here 🤙🤙!

Two more universities submitting their information for their student-led mental health clubs: “As You Are” #asyoUaRe from Richmond headed up by Marshea Robinson & McKenzie Cox, and “Own Your Roar” #ownyourroar from Towson headed up by Olivia Lubarsky.


We’ll continue to support these clubs as they form: naming conventions, marketing messages to invite peers on campus to “join” & feel comfortable discussing their MH/finding guidance/seeking resources & sharing ideal internal structures w the advice of LCSW Dor Chait. Richmond & Towson join JMU & the “Dukes Let’s Talk” #dukesletstalk program founded by Lauren Sander as the #SameHere🤙Student Alliance continues to form & grow.

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