A Fitting Picture To Start 2019

Happy New Year! Couldn’t think of a more appropriate pic to start 2019 than this one: #SameHere🤙Heroes from Coquitlam Fire Rescue, British Columbia.
I believe it’s THE fitting start to the year, bc it personifies what the #SameHere Movement is about: how we ALL face challenges in life (the human experience) that affect the MH of ALL of us, no matter what we look like or what our backgrounds are. To have “macho” dudes who save ppl’s lives for a living understanding this very concept, willing to say “Same Here” (whether based on what they see on the job or life in general) is such an important display of the Movement’s global message.
We’re at an inflection point in society – either we’re going to continue to treat this topic like it’s just about “those ppl w disorders” that make up “1 in 5” of our population…the ppl being “stigmatized against” VS. “the ppl doing the stigmatizing,” OR more & more groups like this Engine here are gonna step up & show that despite having diff jobs, diff looks, diff backgrounds, diff geographies, we are all members of the same group when it comes to our MH & there are no labels or sides that should separate us.
We spent 2018 setting the foundation you saw in yesterday’s post, to deliver the message to schools, colleges, sports team, corporate offices, podcast world, documentary world, website world – now it’s about activating the message across all of those channels. Please continue to be the great partners you have been, in spreading the message even wider. Your help is really critical to a grassroots Movement!
As far as New Years resolutions, thanks to our Brain/Gut Connection Alliance Expert, former Olympic Swimmer/3-time medalist, Anita Nall, for convincing my butt to start her “Fit From Food” program, today. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. I’ve tried so many other TSRR modalities for my health, & it’s time I give as much attention to WHAT I put in my body, to get healthier. Will come back to this program more in the coming month to update everyone. Thanks for the push, Anita!

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