Podcast With Eric’s Practitioners

Below you will find the link to the first ever podcast Eric was recorded on (October of ’17), after he arose from his 2.5 year battle with PTSD.   In typical Eric fashion, he said to apologize for his lack of clarity, as he puts it “because his neurons had just started firing once again.” That said, there is some incredible value in this 20ish-minute segment, as it’s the first time the practitioners who he believes saved his life: his psychologist Donna Stein, and Psychiatrist Richard Brown were recorded talking about his journey. (This wasn’t released until now, because Back to the Source Radio was waiting on their interviews.) Lots of good information shared on the connection between PTSD/Anxiety/Depression, as well as interactions with various medications and what worked/didn’t work well for Eric.  You can subscribe to Back to the Source Radio on iTunes or Google Play, to leave reviews or comments as well.


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