Fans Supporting Their Player's Mental Health

Today’s SameHere🤙Heroes: The Celtic FC Fans in Scotland, who backed their football (soccer for us US-types) striker, Leigh Griffiths after he announced he was taking time off to deal with his mental health.
Football/soccer is a religion in the UK and overseas generally, and it’s amazing to see a fan base support their player in this way: “It’s OK not to be OK” and “Never Walk Alone.” Imagine that sign for a player at one of the four major US sports, in the stands?
I’ve long loved the passion of football/soccer fans and how they pull for their teams and players in song and a party-like atmosphere, but using that strength of theirs to show support for someone/something off the pitch/field is amazing and touching.
I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t forthright in pointing out that this is a STEP in the right direction…but it doesn’t yet go all the way. It’s an acknowledgment that it’s ok that this player is dealing w this bc – it happens…and that the fans are behind him and he’s not alone. But I still long & will push for the day when the fans and players all unite in saying – it’s not just ok, and we don’t just support you, but: we go through the same as you, we’re all human, #SameHere🤙.

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