Facebook’s Suppression Tactics With Our Movement

Thought you all should see the shady stuff that goes on with Facebook/IG. It may seem like I “complain or shout” a lot about this topic, but it’s bc helping ppl after how I saw and now see the system is failing us, has become something I’m so passionate about.


Today we got the following messages today from Facebook (in the pic slides). I’ve already talked about the IG suppression we’re experiencing, where fewer and fewer of you are receiving our posts. Well now, here is what Facebook has now done:


We built that follower base up to over 50k. At that point, we began to have major problems with “boosting” posts. Why must we boost? Bc (not just us, but all fbook pages) must PAY to reach the base of their OWN followers (that’s right, you build them, and then you still have to pay to reach them w your posts).


We did that, every day, $15 a day, for 2 straight years. Our messages are the same as what you have seen here – positive treatment options, newest info in the space, stories of challenge into triumph (replicas of our IG posts).


Facebook made the decision, that despite our content being nothing about nothing but wanting to help others, that they are going to essentially shut us down. Read the first two messages, their bogus explanation from a bot in the pic slides, and then my response on the last page.


All, this is about our lives. It’s about the lives of our friends and family. It’s about the lives of ppl across the world we don’t even know, but we want to make sure don’t suffer.


Bc of the almighty greedy advertising dollar, messages to help ppl get the help they need, find different treatment modalities, and live better lives, is being hidden from us.


I won’t be quiet about this. I hope you won’t either and you will share – even through word of mouth, far and wide, what is being done to all of us.


It’s scary.

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