The Face Of Depression

Last night, as I was searching some websites related to Suicide Awareness Month, I came across a hashtag that’s starting to pick up steam on Instagram: #faceofdepression, the point being – there is no “real” face of depression. You never know what someone is feeling deep down inside and you never know yourself, even if you feel “fine and happy” how the traumas you’ve experienced in life, may be building up inside you, ready to take over the functioning of your mind and body. What a great tie in to the theme of #weareallalittlecrazy. The picture above is from the last Halloween I was able enjoy, in 2014. Little did I know in two short months, my life was about to be flipped upside down, forcing me to spend years in bed, unable to function properly. The smile was real, but clearly, I didn’t know what was brewing inside of my central nervous system at the time; past traumas that I hadn’t yet dealt with.


This too was a #faceofdepression and with that as a background please be sensitive to, and caring for one another. Some of the world’s happiest people still have faced some of life’s biggest obstacles and we never know how these experiences will affect us. No one is immune, but the good thing is – through practices like yoga, meditation, mindfulness, breathing practices…we all can heal. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people and victims of Las Vegas.

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