Key Learnings From My European "Vacation"

Lighthearted post to wrap a great trip. Been since Jr. yr of college that I’ve been abroad in Europe. Was fortunate to study in London & travel a good amount. After graduating, hectic life in the sports world w playoffs etc., became all-consuming & time flew by, but, incredible to go back after such a long time.
Had to start w a pic from one of my top 10 fav movies: European Vacation. Interesting fact from that movie: “Russ” (who is played by a different character in all the Vacation movies), was played by Blake Lively’s brother, Jason. Hopefully that tidbit bridges some generational gaps. The other pics surrounding “Clark W. Griswold” w his Polaroid are shots I just took while checking out the various cities this past wk. Some interesting observations:
Breakfast – apparently Eastern Europeans don’t worship big b-fasts the way we do in the US. At most restaurants (even McD’s in a panic), they don’t serve eggs past 11am!! Many restaurants refer to any type of b-fast option that includes eggs as: The All American. While coffee, cappuccino, espresso, baguettes, croissants, muffins, etc., are served all day long, most anywhere, to find a grill that can make a few scrambled, some pancakes, or french toast – near impossible. My searches for anything resembling IHOP/Waffle House came up empty.
Bathrooms vs. Public Transportation – most every public spot in Berlin & Prague you have to “pay to pee.” Literally thru a gate that looks like what Americans pass thru on the subways. That said, you buy a ticket for the subways/busses/trams there, & it’s honor system. There are random checks but in abt 30 trips I wasn’t checked once. Stricter on urination than transportation?!
Traffic Patterns – I cannot believe how many vehicles pass thru the same areas where pedestrians walk. Yes in Amsterdam there were more bikes, but all 3 cities had bikes, mopeds, trams, cars in the same lanes. Walking while texting there – not recommended. In Prague, they drive like it’s the Autobahn on regular city streets. A regular walk is like playing “Crossy Road.”
Thanks to those who kept me “company.”

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