The Original Post Of My Story

With new ppl joining this community, I’ve gotten feedback that it’s been a while since I shared my original story (it was on LinkedIn bc I didn’t have much social media 😂).


The feedback’s been: that I talk abt this movement & these programs, daily, but I need to remind ppl where it started. The ironic thing is, I posted it almost exactly 2 yrs ago (5/24/17), & at the time didn’t event know – May was MH Awareness Month.

For those who know the story, it’s repeat, but for those who don’t – the story ended up being read over 100k times in the 1st wk, & I had over 400 calls tracked in a spreadsheet I was answering from my friend, Evan Vogel’s office.


The reactions to this post (I’ll put the beginning of it below & then you can follow the link at the bottom of our “About Us” page), is why I decided to leave sports & start WAALC & the #SameHere🤙 Movement.


Not a single call received was abt disorder labels. Once I’d shared what I’d been through, a term I didn’t know at the time, a “Safe Space” had been created for others to share their stories, vulnerably, w me.  The common denominator? We have ALL faced challenges. That’s when I knew this was a topic for #5in5, not #1in5.


The pics in the top row are from my going away party to FL for the new gig…some pics on the ice at the arena w fans…& then Halloween in Ft Lauderdale.


The bottom row is part of the nightmare of the next 2.5 yrs spent as Western Medicine’s guinea pig.




I have some very important personal information & updates to share that should take no more than 15 minutes to read through. For the past two & a half years I have suffered through, & then ultimately healed from a debilitating health crisis.


Unfortunately, because of perceptions & stigmas in our society, as I go on to reveal the details of that last line in the coming paragraphs, your thoughts about what I just shared may change. (About Us page link for the remainder)














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